Little Champion Reader® Learn-to-Read Alphabet, Phonics, Sight Word Flashcard Set, Levels 1-3


Little Champion Reader® Learn-to-Read Alphabet, Phonics, Sight Word Flashcard Set, Levels 1-3

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Compatible with the 9 Level 1-3 DVDs of the Little Champion Reader® 3-Level Reading System, these flashcards are the perfect companion that will help reinforce  the DVD lessons.   Kids will learn how to read in no time with these beautiful flashcards that teach the basics of reading.  Ages 3 months to 7 years.


Each 4.5” x 7” card includes a “text” side and a high-quality glossy finish “graphics” side for the same word.

Note: 9 DVDs not included and may be purchased or downloaded separately.





26 Alphabet Cards

50 Short Vowel Cards

203 Sight Word Cards

43 Whole Language Cards

120 Consonant Blend Cards

46 Whole Language Phrases

197 High-Frequency Cards

112 Long Vowel Cards

50 Whole Language Cards

129 Aesop Fable Story Cards





ALPHABET (Tab 1):  Aa-Apple-airplane, Bb-Bicycle-bread, Cd-Candy-cent, Dd-Dog-doll, Ed-Egg-eagle, Ff-Fish-flower, Gg-Goose-gem, Hh-Hammer-house, Ii-Igloo-iron, Jj-Jar-jar, Kk-Kettle-kite, Ll-Lamp-lizard, Mm-Motorcycle-mouse, Nn-Necklace-noodles, Oo-Ostrich-owl, Pp-Penguin-paint, Qq-Quail-quill, Rr-Ring-rooster, Ss-Snake-stump, Tt-Tiger-tree, Uu-Ukulele-urn, Vv-Vase-violin, Ww-Watch-water, Xx-X-ray-xylophone, Yy-Yarn-yogurt, Zz-Zipper-zebra


SHORT VOWELS (Tab 2):  cat, rat, bat, hat, can, fan ,pan, nap, tap, rap, pet, net, wet, pen, hen, ten, bed, red, fed, led, hit, bit, fit, sit, bin, win, fin, dig, pig, jig, pot, hot, tot, not, hop, mop, pop, top, cob, rob, sob, cut, hut, nut, sun, run, bug hug, tug, fun


WHOLE LANGUAGE (Tab 3):  baby, ball, bear, boat, boy, buffalo, clap, cow, crab, dragonfly, face, feet, flashlight, girl, gorilla, hair, hands, head, jump, leaf, monkey, mouth, no, nose, orangutan, rabbit, run, seal, sit, sleep, smile, squirrel, stack, sunset, talk, teeth, train, turtle, umbrella, walk, waterfall, wave, yes


SIGHT WORDS LESSON 1 (Tab 4):  are, this, when, I, your, an, it, of, up, not, what, all, that, for, as, at, be, have, you, is, he, she, do, how, their, if, will, other, about, out, many, then, them, these, some, so, her, would, make, can, said, with, was


SIGHT WORDS LESSON 2 (Tab 5):  the, and, number, no, way, like, him, into, time, look, has, there, each, which, go, write, see, his, were, we, could, people, my, than, first, water, call, been, who, oil, now, its, find, long, down, from, or, hand, in, use, one


SIGHT WORDS LESSON 3 (Tab 6):  day, did, get, come, made, may, new, part, over, sound, take, only, they, more, two, little, know, work, live, year, place, by, word, but, back, me, give, most, very, after, to, a, on, man, think, say, great, where, help, through, much, before


SIGHT WORDS LESSON 4 (Tab 7):  thing, our, just, name, good, sentence, night, line, too, mean, old, any, same, tell, boy, follow, came, want, show, also, around, form, three, small, set, put, end, does, another, well, large, must, big, even, such, because, turn, here, why


SIGHT WORDS LESSON 5 (Tab 8):  ask, went, men, read, need, land, different, home, us, move, try, kind, hand, picture, again, change off, play, spell, air, away, animal, house, point, page, letter, mother, answer, found, study, still, learn, should, America, world, high, every, keep


CONSONANT BLENDS 1 & 2 (Tab 1):  chicks, chime, chili, chain, shell, shed, shy, shop, shark, whistle, whip, whale, wheel, thrill, thunder, thumb, think, sweat, sweep, swan, swarm, sweet, twins, twelve, twist, twirl; blend, blond, blank, block, clam, clip, clean, clown, flag, flame, flute, fly, gloves, globe, glow, glue, plus, play, plug, plant, slice, sling, sleep, sleigh;


CONSONANT BLENDS 3,4 & 5 (Tab 2):  school, scale, score, scarf, skunk, skate, skip, skirt, smoke, smart, smell, snap, snore, snack, snorkel, spill, spice, spider, spin, stone, steak, stamp, stub; break, bride, brick, brain, bridge, crawl, crack, crate, crow, grapes, grass, grill, prize, prince, print, profit, trim, truck, trunk, troll, quilt, quiet, quack, queen; scrub, scratch, scream, screen, straw, street, strong, stress, phone, photo, physics, phase, pharmacy, kneel, knead, knight, knit, gnaw, gnash, gnat, wring, wreck, write;


WHOLE LANGUAGE PHRASES (Tab 3):  American flag; arms down; arms up; beautiful flower; bend your knees; big elephant; bite an apple; bright fireworks; brown horses; build with blocks; camel in desert; close eyes; cold water; colorful parrot; comb hair; coming downstairs; delicious ice-cream; drive car; full moon; give a hug; going upstairs; green grass; happy baby; hold cheeks; hold ears; kiss on cheek; male lion; pink flamingoes; point left; point right; point to chin; point up; pretty butterfly; read a book; red tomato; shake hands; show tongue; sour lemon; spider on web; sweet strawberry; swimming duck; taking a photo; talk to phone; tall giraffe; throw ball; touch toes


SIGHT PHRASES LESSON 1 (Tab 4):  The people; no way; Come and get it. write it down; Who will make it? one or two; by the water; We had their dog. What did they say? you and I; When would you go? a number of people; What will they do? How long are they? more than the other; He called me. How many words? part of the time; This is a good day. Can you see? Sit down. now and then; but not me; go find her; not now; Look for some people. I like him. So there you are. Out of the water; a long time; We were here. Have you seen it? Could you go? one more time; We like to write. all day long; into the water; it’s about time; the other people; up in the air; she said to go; Which way?


SIGHT PHRASES LESSON 2 (Tab 5):  each of us; He has it. What are these? if we were older; There was an old man. it’s no use; It may fall down. with his mom; at your house; from my room; It’s been a long time. Will you be good? Give them to me. Then we will go. now is the time; an angry cat; May I go first? Write your name. This is my cat. That dog is big. Get on the bus. two of us; Did you see it? the first word; see the water; as big as the first; but not for me; How did they get it? from here to there; number two; more people; look up; go down; all or some; Did you like it? a long way to go; When did they go? for some of your people; over the river; my new place; another great sound.


SIGHT PHRASES LESSON 3 (Tab 6):  take a little; Give it back. only a little; It’s only me I know why. three years ago; live and play; a good man; after the game; most of the animals; our best things; just the same; my last name; That’s very good. Think before you act. Mother says to now. Where are you? I need help. I work too much; any old time; through the line; right now; Mother means it. same time tomorrow; tells the truth; a little boy; the following day; We came home. We want to go. Show us around. Form two lines. a small house also; another old picture; Write one sentence. Set it up. Put it there. Where does it end? I don’t feel well. My home is large. It turned out well. Read the sentence. This must be it.


SIGHT PHRASES LESSON 4 (Tab 7):  Hand it over. such a big house; The men asked for help. a different land; They went here. Get to the point. Because we should. even the animals; Try your best. Move over. We found it here. study and learn; kind of nice; Spell your name. the good American; change your clothes. Play it again. Back off. Give it away. Answer the phone. Turn the page. The air is warm. Read my letters. It’s still here. Where in the world. We need more. I study in school. I’m an American. such a mess; point it out; right now; It’s a small world. big and small; home sweet home; around the clock; show and tell; You must be right. Tell the truth. good and plenty;


SIGHT PHRASES LESSON 5 (Tab 8):  good things. I think so. Read the book. Help me out. It turned out well. It’s your place; near the car; between the lines; my own father; in the country; add it up; read every story; below the water; plants and flowers; Will it last? Keep it up. Plant the trees. Light the fire. the light in your eyes; in my head; under the earth; We saw the food. Close the door. the big city; We started the fire. It never happened. a good thought; Stay a while. a few good men; Don’t open the door. You might be right. It seemed too good. along the way; next time; It’s hard to open.


LONG VOWEL 1 & 2 (Tab 1):  pane, tape, bathe, cake, rake, bake, sale, maid, paid, pain, grain, clay, pray, jay, bray, eight, weight, neigh, freight, reins, veil, reign; Pete, gene, Steve, seal, tea, leak, beak, flee, weed, speech, reel, cheese, priest, yield, shield, diesel, chimney, alley, honey, and abbey;


LONG VOWEL 3, 4 & 5 (Tab 2):  twine, spine, pine, pipe, bike, ripe, time, die, pie, tie, cry, fry, shy, sly, sigh, height, bright, sight, mild, blind, mind, grind; robe, code, rode, bone, stove, vote, home, foal, goal, loaf, roast mow, bowl, snow, sparrow, doe, foe, toe, woe, dough, though, although, couch, mound, pound, loud, cloud cute, tube, cube, puke, flume, mule, fume, hoop, groom, bloom, moon, soup, pour, toucan, coupon, brew, ewe, newt, flew, clue, sue, true;


WHOLE LANGUAGE SENTENCES (Tab 3):  The baby plays the piano. Fish swim in the water. We swing in the hammock. We live on planet Earth. Water helps plants grow. Bees collect nectar from flowers. Milk is good to drink. We hear with our ears. I am pushing my stroller. Panda bears eat bamboo. We see with our eyes. Can you blow bubbles? All birds have feathers. I can fly a kite. We hear with our ears. The polar bear sits in the snow. We feel things with our skin. Starfish have five arms. The girl is counting. We hide behind the curtain. The panda bear is sleepy. The Earth revolves around the sun. Dolphins can do neat tricks. I will show you a drawing. Sheep give us wool. We like to eat pizza. I love to pet my dog. Tigers belong to the cat family. The airplane flies in the sky. Kangaroos live in Australia. I have ten fingers. Listen to me play my guitar. Our kite goes up. Clouds make rain or snow. Zebras have stripes. The woman rests on a hammock. I have ten fingers. Bees make honey from nectar. Polar bears live where it’s cold. Can you blow out the candles? Clouds are white and fluffy. I like to water the plants. I like to watch the kangaroos. I can smell with my nose. The man counts his money. I can touch my shoulders. The sheep eat grass. I can brush my teeth. Birds hold food with their beaks. Dolphins are very intelligent. Let me show you my ring. The girl feeds her pet dog. Mommy pushes me on the swing. Fish use gills to breathe. We hide behind the sunflowers. Tigers are good swimmers. Our tongue helps us taste. Starfish come in many colors. The airplane is taking off. The boy eats yogurt. The girl cuts with scissors. Mom cuts with a knife. We help mother in the kitchen. The chicks are eating. The girl is brushing her hair. We smell with our nose. It’s fun to wash dad’s car. I have two shoulders. The swing goes up and down. The zebra swings its tail. Our eyes help us to see things. Our tongue helps us to taste things. The baby chicks are yellow. We touch with our skin. The baby drinks from a bottle. The boy is washing his hands. The boy pushes the cart.


THE LION AND THE MOUSE (Tab 4):  Lion was asleep.Mouse ran up his tail.He ran down lion’s back.Lion woke up.He put his paw on Mouse.Lion opened his jaws wide.“Oh, King,” Mouse cried.“Please do not eat me.Let me go. Who knows? One day I may help you.”Lion gave a laugh.“You, little Mouse? Help me?”But he lifted his paw.He let Mouse go.Later, Lion got caught in a trap.The hunters tied him to a tree.Just then, Mouse came by.He saw that Lion was caught.Mouse chewed the ropes.He set Lion free.“Was I not right?” asked Mouse.“Little friends may prove great friends.”


THE ANT AND THE GRASSHOPPER (Tab 5):  One fine day, Grasshopper sang.He hopped about.He felt happy and free.Ant passed by. He had an ear of corn.It was heavy. It was hard to carry.“Why not stop and talk?” asked Grasshopper.“It is nice out. You work too much.”“I help get the food,” said Ant.“We store it up. We will need it when the cold comes. You should do the same.”“Why?” asked Grasshopper. “There is plenty of food right now.”Ant went on his way. He kept up the hard work.When the cold winds blew, Grasshopper sat.He had no food. He was very cold and hungry.But the ants ate corn. They had grain. They had worked hard. They were not hungry.Then Grasshopper knew:“It is best to prepare for the days of need.


THE HARE AND THE TORTOISE (Tab 6): Hare loved to race. Hare liked to boast.“No one can beat me,’ he said. “I am too fast.”He looked at the others.“Who wants to try?”Tortoise took a slow step. “I will race you, Hare.”“That is a good joke,” said Hare.“I could dance around you all the way.”“Do not boat until you have won.”Tortoise made a bow. “Shall we start?”The course was set. Hare stood at the line. So did Tortoise.“Ready? Go!” Hare took off.He ran out of sight. When he had gone far, he stopped.“Tortoise is slow. I can rest. I will still win.”He lay down for a nap. Tortoise was slow.But he did not stop. He kept his pace.One step, two steps.In time he saw the line.Hare woke up. He gave a yawn.Then he saw Tortoise near the goal.Hare ran as fast as he could.It was too late. Tortoise had won.The animals let out a cheer.Then said Tortoise, “Slow and steady wins the race.”


THE BOY WHO CRIED WOLF (Tab 7): There was once a young boy.He cared for sheep.He worked in the hills near a forest. A town was not far away.One day, the boy felt lonely. He made a plan.“I will cry out. People will come. I will not be alone.”He ran to the town. He gave a yell. “Wolf! Wolf!”Many men came to help him. He felt happy.But there was no wolf. After a time, they went home.A few days later, the boy was sad.“I am lonely. I will try my trick.”He ran down the hill.“Wolf! Wolf!” he yelled.Again, the men came from the town.The boy felt better.But there was no wolf.Soon they all went home.The next day, the boy was with the sheep. A real wolf came from the forest.The boy was afraid. The sheep were also afraid.The boy ran, calling, “Wolf! Wolf!”But the people would not listen.They had been fooled before. They would not come. The wolf had a feast. He ate many sheep. Yum, yum!The boy was sad. He went to the town. “Why would you not come?” he asked.It seemed unfair. A wise man spoke up. He said, “No one believes a liar, even when he tells the truth.”


THE PRINCESS AND THE PEA (Tab 8):  Once there lived a prince.He wanted to marry a real princess. He looked far and wide.None of those he met seemed right.The prince was sad. He went back home.One night, there was a storm.A knock came at the gate. The old queen opened the door.There stood a girl. “I’m a princess,” she said.“I got caught in the rain. Can I stay here for the night?”The queen did not believe her. She did not look like a princess.The queen wanted to test the girl. She put a pea on the bed.She laid twenty mattresses on the pea. A real princess would feel the pea.That night, the princess could not sleep.The next day, the queen spoke. “How did you sleep?”“Very badly,” said the girl. “The bed was too hard. I am sore and tired.”Now the king and queen knew. The girl had felt the pea. She was a real princess.They told their son. He was full of joy.“Will you marry me?” he asked her.“Yes,” the princess said with a smile. The prince took her for his wife.The pea was put in a museum. It may still be seen. That is, if no one has stolen it. Now that is a true story.


LITTLE RIDING HOOD (Tab 9):  Once, a girl lived near the woods.Her Grandma lived far away. Her Grandma loved her.She gave the girl a red cloak.The girl liked to wear it. People called her “Little Red Riding Hood.”One day, the girl’s mother was sad. “Grandma is sick,” she said. “I want you to visit her.”She packed a basket with food. Little Red Riding took it and left.The day was sunny. Red Riding Hood felt happy in the sun.She stopped to pick flowers. She would take them to Grandma. Red Riding Hood heard a gruff voice. “Hello, little girl.”She turned and saw Wolf. “What is in your basket?” Wolf asked.“Eggs and butter and cake,” said the girl.“Where are you going?”“To see my Grandma who is sick.”“Where does she live?”“On the far side of the woods.”Wolf smiled. “Very good.” He ran to Grandma’s house. Wolf tapped on the door. “Who is it?” asked Grandma.“I’m Little Red Riding Hood,” Wolf said.“Open the door,” said Grandma. Wolf went in. Grandma yelled and hid in the closet.The wolf put on Grandma’s cap. He got in her bed.Soon Red Riding Hood came in. “Hello, Grandma. I brought you food and some flowers.”As she drew near, she stopped. “Grandma, what big ears you have!”“The better to hear you with,” said Wolf.“What big eyes you have!” “The better to see you with,” said Wolf.“Grandma, what big teeth you have!” “All the better to eat you with!” Wolf sprang at the girl.Red Riding Hood’s father was passing by. He heard her yell.He came in with an axe and chased Wolf away. Little Red Riding Hood was safe. Everyone was glad. Her father took Red Riding Hood home. They all lived happily ever after.



Compatible with the 9 Level 1-3 DVDs of the Little Champion Reader® 3-Level Reading System, these flashcards are the perfect companion that will help reinforce those newly-learned words, phrases and sentences. Each card measures 4.5 x 7 inches and shows a high-quality glossy finish photograph.Ages 3 months to 7 years.


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