Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Little Champion Reader™ so different from other reading programs? What’s so special about it?

Little Champion Reader™ teaches child how to read by using three reading methods. Other similar programs use only one. Little Champion Reader™ is the most comprehensive reading program available. Through our program children learn much more in a shorter space of time than with other programs. It is proven that each of the three reading methods is essential to learning how to read. If there is a learning gap in one of the methods, your child will struggle with reading later on. Little Champion Reader™ allows your child to gain the unique benefits of each research-proven technique, ensuring that they are not limited to one reading skill alone. For a complete list of the exact words, phrases and sentences taught in our system, click here.

What are the three reading methods and their advantages?

The three reading methods are phonics, sight word memorization and whole language learning techniques.

    1. Phonics– this is all about ‘sounding it out’ and identifying the sounds in a new word and clustering them together. It helps children understand how words are constructed, which assists them in recognizing text when they start reading independently.
    2. Sight Word Memorization – these are the most frequently used words found in reading. Some words cannot be sounded out as with phonics, like blue, four or please. With sight word memorization these words can be instantly recognized. Sight word memorization builds a foundation for new, more complex words.
    3. Whole language - allows your child to read by recognizing words as whole sentences, not just as words alone. This enables them to read written text much faster.

What’s wrong with my child learning how to read by focusing on one method?

Each of the three reading methods is absolutely necessary in order to achieve reading success. These three reading techniques have been researched and proven to be essential for acquiring excellent reading skills. Skipping a method or focusing on only one method can result in a reading gap, causing your child to unnecessarily struggle with reading later on. Each method has its own unique place which must not be overlooked. All three techniques must be utilized together in order to maximize on your child’s true reading potential.

Wouldn’t it be less confusing for the child to use only one reading approach at a time?

Children are excellent learners – do not underestimate this! It is important for children to be exposed to all three approaches; otherwise they are being limited with one skill alone. We should never limit our children, and that is why exposing them to one reading approach sets boundaries on their natural capabilities, which in turn can undermine their ability to learn. Each method has its own unique advantages that the other technique lacks – so why miss out on any one of the techniques? Your child deserves the very best!

How will Little Champion Reader™ teach my child to read?

Little Champion Reader™ is a very content-rich learning program that consists of DVDs, phonics books, illustrated flashcards, worksheets and much more! The goal is for your child to progress from reading words (Level 1,) to phrases (Level 2), to full sentences (Level 3) as quickly as possible. The Little Champion Reader™ program will teach your child a total of 800+ vocabulary words, 200+ phrases and 250+ sentences. This also includes 200+ sight words, which are the most frequently used words found in reading text, as well as 200+ high-frequency phrases that increase reading fluency. For a complete list of the exact words,phrases and sentences taught in our system, click here.

How will I know if my child is making progress with the Little Champion Reader™ System?

Your child will spontaneously and effortlessly start recognizing and reading words that they see. They will also show a greater interest in the program DVDs, books, sliding flashcards and worksheets. These are all signs that your child is learning. When they associate these educational experiences with play and fun, then effortless learning takes place. They will slowly start wanting to read books as they are able to read independently. If you’re seeing all these signs, you’re on your way to a happy reader!

How will the Little Champion Reader™ System prepare my child for school and what grade levels does it correlate to?

The best way to prepare your child for school is to teach them how to read beforehand! You don’t need to wait for kindergarten or the higher grades to do this. Give them the opportunity to learn from a young age! Little Champion Reader™ teaches reading concepts that are taught in kindergarten, first grade and second grade levels. It teaches the alphabet, 300+ phonics words including short vowels ă,ĕ,ĭ,ŏ,ŭ, long vowels ā,ē,ī,ō,ū, 300 key consonant blends, 200+ sight words, 200+ high-frequency phrases that form over 60% of elementary school text plus 200+ short story sentences, and much more! What better way to prepare your child for school to have them reading at a higher grade level than their peers! For a complete list of the exact words, phrases and sentences taught in our system, click here.

Is there a way to keep the lessons fresh in my child’s mind?

Yes, most of the lesson DVDs come with a 1-2 minute review section, which can be viewed quickly to keep the lesson fresh in your child’s mind. With the Phonics DVDs, the phonics books serve as the ‘review’ to help your child remember the phonetic patterns. The worksheets also reinforce the lessons learned in the DVDs