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๐Ÿ˜ŸReading Difficulties

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โœ… Nurture Your Child's Reading Journey with 4 Fundamentals Lessons ... Support their mastery of letters sounds, phonics and sight words, fostering a love for reading.

โœ… Ignite Your Child's Learning Adventure through Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes & Colors Lessons ... Amplify your child's learning, laying a strong foundation for their educational journey.

โœ… Elevate Your Child's Emotional Intelligence with All about Me, Emotions I Feel & Body Parts Lessons ... Cultivate a deeper understanding of themselves and their emotions

โœ… Expand Your Child's Worldview with Foods I Like, Community Helpers & Baby Animals Lessons ... Spark their curiosity with insights into favorite foods, community helpers, and adorable baby animals

โœ… Guide Your Child to Reading Mastery with Reading Mastery Lesson ... Equip them with advanced phonics skills, empowering them to become a confident and skilled reader.

โœ… Provide Your Child with Comprehensive 36 Pages of Reading & Essential Skills Practice ... Engage them in meaningful practice for reading and essential pre-K/Kindergarten skills.

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