Unlock Your Child's Potential by Ending their Reading Struggles Today

... with Little Champion Reader's Proven 3-in-1 Reading Program

... so you never have to worry about your child struggling to read

... or falling behind & under-performing in school

it works even if you are a busy parent or have no experience in teaching 

(Let me show you a simple & easy step-by-step process 👇)

 Are you...

... tired of watching your child battle with reading? 😥

... unhappy with your child's reading level? 
... fed up with ineffective programs that don't work? 

... struggling to find the right approach?

... worried about your child falling behind in school?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then

this is the most important letter you’ll read all year!  


Because reading is the foundation of your child's future learning and success.  

Knowing how to read can mean the difference between your child thriving & confidently exploring the world versus struggling & feeling left behind.

It's heartbreaking to watch your child struggle with reading!

According to the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP), 65% of 4th graders and 64% of 8th graders are reading below their grade level.

Children are struggling to read because reading apps, programs and school lessons are not adequately teaching children how to read.

Without building a strong phonetic foundation, they force children to memorize a list of sight words by memory alone ...  which leads children to guess words (instead of reading them phonetically by letter sounds).

This results in many types of reading struggles ... such as problems reading smoothly & quickly and difficulty decoding unfamiliar words... eventually making children feel under-confident and doubt their natural intellectual abilities.

This is how children often lose their confidence

and enthusiasm for reading

which leads them to ...  😔

❌ Feel bad when they see other kids reading well

❌ Stop wanting to learn to read

❌ Experience a decline in their self-esteem

❌ Struggle to keep up with their school tasks

The reality is that these issues can be prevented simply by using the  correct reading methods and techniques ...

No child should have to face reading difficulties in their classroom! 

It's time to break free from the grip of ineffective techniques that are holding children back.

INTRODUCING Little Champion Reader® Reading Fundamental & Reading Mastery

(Level 1 and 2) Reading Program...

... A comprehensive 3-in-1 reading program proven to transform children into skilled readers!

We’ve combined the three most effective research-proven reading elements into 

simple 15-minute daily lessons....

So you can ...

✔️.... Quickly turn your child into a confident & independent reader

✔️.... Keep them excited about reading and on track in school

✔️.... Skip spending hours trying to figure out how to teach them 

✔️.... See them progress from reading simple words to full books  

✔️.... Stop paying for apps that never got your child results

✔️.... Even our busiest parents with NO teaching experience can effectively use this program – and the best part is that it only takes 15 minutes a day!

Hi, I’m Nida.

Not too long ago, I was a concerned parent just like you: trying to help my son learn to read.  It felt like a puzzle at the time – I kept trying so many different methods, bought all kinds of reading programs and apps, but something always seemed to be off.

It made me sad to watch my son struggle and get frustrated during my reading lessons.  I really wanted to show him the joy of reading ... but it all seemed so hard and overwhelming. But after much trial and error (along with spending lots of time & money and working through many meltdowns), I eventually discovered a way to help my 2-year-old son read like a 1st grader!

I tested this reading plan with my nieces and nephews ... and to my amazement, it taught them to read quickly & effortlessly, with minimum involvement from their parents!   

My journey extends beyond just reading ... it's about unlocking a broader world.  Now, my goal is to extend that support to fellow parents.  Join me as we embark on this reading journey together!

We've simplified teaching your child to read – only 15 minutes a day!

Instead of struggling with curriculum planning, use these effective proven-to-work reading techniques:

💡Save precious time

💡Keep lessons fun for your child

💡Achieve quick results

💡Enhance reading confidence

Never worry again about your child falling behind in school due to reading difficulties! 

How it Works:

Step 1:

Select a short video lesson from the Little Champion Reader® Video Tutor Library so your child can:

✔️ Recognize simple alphabet sounds

✔️ Identify key phonetic patterns

✔️ Get to know basic sight words

Step 2:

Download and print the 59-lesson Reading Fundamental (Level 1) and the 34-Lesson Reading Mastery (Level 2) books to supercharge your child's reading abilities:

✔️ Master hundreds of phonetic patterns - includes both Fundamental & Advanced Phonics (Level 1 and 2)

✔️ Boost Reading Speed with Sight Words

✔️ Enjoy Reading Stories & Coloring Activities

Step 3:

Supplement & Track your child’s reading progress with simple tools:

✔️ Printable flashcards for tricky words

✔️ On-the-go learning with Picture Cards

✔️ Worksheets to reinforce core concepts

✔️ 3,000+ pages of printable sheets included


*All 6 Bonuses from Reading Fundamentals (Level 1) and Readings Mastery (Level 2) Programs

✔️ Boosts Phonics Mastery with additional practice

✔️ Dotted Phonics Cards + Silly Sentence Strips

✔️ Missing Letter Phonics Worksheets + Word Columns

✔️ 94 Phonics Comprehension Passages


Mega Advanced Phonics Kit

✔️ Helps Your Child Decode Unfamiliar Words with Ease

✔️ Makes Reading Anything Effortless and Enjoyable

✔️Includes 1,000 phonics cards & 1,128 phonetic sentences


Easy-To-Read Essential Vocabulary Builder

✔️ Enhance Your Child's Vocabulary

✔️Boost Your Child's Verbal and Communication Skills

✔️ Improve Your Child's Reading and Verbal Skills


Ultimate 1,000 Sight Word Toolkit

✔️ Increase Reading Speed and Fluency

✔️ Instantly Recognize 75% of Elementary School Text

✔️ Teaches 1,000 Sight Words with Sentences


World Continent Kit

✔️ Increases Children's World Knowledge

✔️ Gain a Vast Knowledge of World Geography

✔️ Enhance Appreciation for World Cultures

My son (1 years, 9 months old) reads Curious George!

You can see our son using his finger to follow the words and read from left to right.

His recognition of sight words with some phonetic recognition is made easier by following our program and keeping his finger in line with the text.

My 3-year-old reads without any help from me!

Watch as our son reads an excerpt from “Trumpet of the Swan.” Many words in this book are 3-4 times his reading level, including “troublesome” and “whirled.” 

Some pronunciation is still unclear, which will be fine-tuned with practice.

I'm thrilled to see my 3.5-year-old read chapter books!

Reading novels without pictures is quite an accomplishment at 3 years old! His speaking and reading hand-in-hand is so effortless! 

While he still needs to develop some fine motor skills, we love his confidence with bigger words like “mysterious!”

It’s fun to see him read about his favorite movie characters!

Our little one is crazy about Lightning McQueen! 

After a bit of practice, he reads while ignoring the pictures, which is so hard for most kids his age to do!

Feeling so much joy watching my 3-year-old reads Dickens!

When he could read “Great Expectations' at 3-years-old, I knew I had cracked the code to teaching a young child how to read efficiently.

To see him reading this book fluently made me such a proud mama!

His pronunciation is incredibly clear - so is his confidence!

As you can see here, he’s having a relatively easy time reading through books at and beyond his reading level. 

Now, we just need to work on calming his excitement so he doesn’t lose his place in the book!

Here's Some additional proof

…. thousands of  parents continue to use the Little Champion Reader 3-in-1 reading program  to help their child become incredible readers!

This program really works! It’s worth every cent!👇

I was skeptical at first, but this system truly works!👇

Our pediatrician is baffled by our 5-month-old’s speech!👇

It only takes 15-20 minutes to complete - I highly recommend it!👇

I appreciate the different types of activities - it’s not just a DVD on repeat!👇

If my son & thousands of other children can read this well, this quickly, your child can too!

See for yourself how well children are reading using

this program in just a matter of weeks!

Watch as this 5-year-old reads confidently on her own!👇

“I was amazed to see my granddaughter effortlessly read a story from Lesson 15, even when the words did not rhyme or match the context of the photos. ”

Linda S.
- Proud Grandma

His instant word recognition and on-pace reading is incredible!

"After only a few weeks of using this program, our son is able to read along with all the text, even on muted videos in level 3! We are so proud as homeschooling parents. This program has made a huge difference for us."


- Homeschooling Parent

This boy can read with almost no help!👇

"We are amazed to see our son reading grades above his own level, all on his own. The results we have seen after consistently using this program are truly wonderful. Thank you!"


- Satisfied Customer

Check Out What Even More Parents Are Saying About Our Program…

This program is amazingly effective - it works!👇

My daughter loves the books because they’re super fun - very helpful!👇

My 3-year-old is literally reading because of this program - it really works!👇

Well worth the money - our 4-year-old reads like a 7-year-old!👇

Our little guy loves this program so much - and customer service is A+++++!👇

My son read at a 2nd grade level as a kindergartener!👇

Trust me when I tell you this works! My daughter is now a straight A student!👇

Our Award-Winning Reading Program has been nationally recognized  by a panel of educators & parents...

... Here are some more of the Rockstar Children who Have learned to Read using our Program…

He breezes through flashcards at 2 years old!👇

"Our son has a look of pride on his face every time we do these lessons with him. He really enjoys reading with these flashcards. As a proud parent, I can't thank this program enough for helping my child become a confident reader."


- Proud Parent 

His advanced reading skills really bring the stories to life!👇

"Since using this program, our son has become enthusiastic about reading and enjoys using different character voices while reading aloud. It's a joy to see him so engaged and excited about reading."

Susan Y.

- Happy Customer

I never thought he’d be reading chapter books at this age!👇

“Despite my busy schedule, I've been able to use this program to help my son improve his reading skills. He no longer becomes frustrated with reading and actually enjoys sounding out tougher words. As a busy mom, I'm so grateful for the positive impact this program has had on my child's reading ability."

Mary S.

- Working Mom

Just imagine ….

... 😃The joy & happiness you will feel as a parent, knowing your child can read fluently & has achieved one of the most important milestones in their life!

... 😃How relieved & stress-free you will be, knowing your child has the ability to read any book independently and confidently ... without any help from you!    

... 😃The pride of getting good progress reports from your child's school, all reflective of being able to read fluently, the basis of a strong academic foundation!

... 😃The confidence and self-esteem boost that your child will experience as they improve their reading skills, leading to success in other areas of their life!

What's Included?

Little Champion Reader® Video Tutor Library ($100 Value) ​

Little Champion Reader® 59-Lesson Reading Fundamental [Level 1] Book ($40 Value)


Little Champion Reader® 34-Lesson Reading Mastery [Level 2] Book ($40 Value)


Little Champion Reader® On-Demand Picture Cards ($50 Value)

Little Champion Reader® Basic Reading Flashcards ($20 Value)

Little Champion Reader® Effortless Worksheet Bundle ($20 Value)

Little Champion Reader® Lesson Milestone Roadmap ($20 Value) ​



Little Champion Reader® All 6 Bonuses from Level 1 & 2 Programs


Little Champion Reader® Mega Advanced Phonics Kit


Little Champion Reader®  Easy-To-Read Essential Vocabulary Builder ($20 Value)


Little Champion Reader® Ultimate 1,000 Sight Word Toolkit


Little Champion Reader® World Continent Kit

That’s a total of 35 Video Tutor Lessons ... Plus 

3,000+ Pages of Reading Fundamentals & Reading Mastery Lesson Books, Classical Children's Stories, Sight Word Practice, Word Lists, Reading Flashcards, Picture Cards, Phonics Dotted Cards, Worksheet Bundles, Silly Sentence Strips .. Plus A total of 10 Bonuses  

... All Valued at over $400!

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"My son and I did this program before he started kindergarten. His kindergarten teacher was extremely impressed with his ability to read."

- Amazon Customer

"My daughter started watching at 2 months old and has shown great interest. She says words even her pediatrician is baffled by."

- Amazon Customer

"This program is the real deal! My 3-year-old is literally reading because of this program. She is even trying to sound out the words letter-by-letter!"

- Amazon Customer

Here's Everything You Get with the Little Champion Reader® 3-in-1 Reading Fundamental Program

(Only $97):

  • The Little Champion Reader® Video Tutor Library ($100 Value) 
  • ​The Little Champion Reader® 59-Lesson Reading Fundamental Book ($40 Value)
  • ​​The Little Champion Reader® 34-Lesson Reading Mastery Book ($40 Value)
  • The Little Champion Reader® On-Demand Picture Cards ($50 Value) 
  •  The Little Champion Reader® Basic Reading Flashcards ($20 Value)
  • The Little Champion Reader® Effortless Worksheet Bundle ($20 Value)
  • The Little Champion Reader® Lesson Milestone Roadmap ($20 Value)
  • BONUS #1: The Little Champion Reader® 6 Bonuses from Reading Fundamentals (Level 1) and Reading Mastery (Level 2) Programs
  • BONUS #2: The Little Champion Reader® Mega Advanced Phonics Kit
  • ​BONUS #3: The Little Champion Reader® Easy-To-Read Essential Vocabulary Builder ($20 Value)
  • BONUS #4: The Little Champion Reader® Ultimate 1,000 Sight Word Toolkit
  • BONUS #5: The Little Champion Reader® World Continent Kit

We Love Hearing Success Stories from Parents Just Like You!

This program made our 4-year-old non-native English speaker want to learn!👇

This program has all that is needed to teach my kids how to read!👇

I’m still in awe - this is the best investment!👇

Well worth the money - our 4-year-old reads like a 7-year-old!👇

Our little guy loves this program so much - and customer service is A++++!👇

My son read at a 2nd grade level as a kindergartener!👇

Trust me when I tell you this works! My daughter is now a straight A student!👇

“My son is engaged with these lessons and activities.”
It really works if you do the lessons and read the books with your kiddos! It’s worth every cent and really does work!

- Sherrina K.

Most reading programs fail because they neglect phonics, use outdated & ineffective reading methods or lack sufficient practice

Little Champion Reader® 3-in-1 Program includes:

Phonics Mastery, Sight Word Practice and Reading Passages ...

Ensuring Reading Success so your child can quickly:

✔️ Master Hundreds of Essential & Advanced Phonetic Patterns for Decoding Skills

✔️ Instantly Recognize 200+ Sight Words & 200+ High-Frequency Phrases for Faster Reading Speed

✔️ Learn 150+ Whole Language Vocabulary Items for Increased Comprehension

✔️ Identify and Read Out Sounds of New Words for Reading Fluency

✔️ Quickly Read 75% of Elementary School Text for Enhanced Literacy

✔️ Advance from Simple Words to Complex Texts for Increased Reading Proficiency

Most reading programs and classroom teachers overlook the vital role of phonetic sounds, opting instead for rote memorization of sight words or only minimal phonetic instruction ... which leads to reading struggles in the end.

They expect children to tackle complete sentences, resulting in guesswork and stumbling over word ... This is an overwhelming experience for a child.

The genuine path to success starts with mastering letter sounds, progressing through basic and more advanced phonetic patterns, instant sight word recognition, and gradually advancing from reading simple words to phrases and sentences. This seamless progression is where the magic of our program shines..

Each stage serves a unique purpose and must be mastered before moving forward. Once your child understands the most basic phonetic patterns (which they do quickly with our methods!), they can move onto sight word recognition, reading short phrases, and ultimately the most challenging milestone: confidently reading unfamiliar books.

Utilize these 3 simple techniques into your child's daily routine!
 Only 15 minutes a day ... For the next 4 weeks

... You'll be Amazed at their Reading Progress!

Reading Technique #1:

Basic Phonetic Patterns

Why do some children read unfamiliar easily while others struggle?  The answer is in the most important reading technique:  Phonics.

When children don't learn and practice basic phonetic patterns, they fail to progress in reading. That's why Little Champion Reader focuses on teaching hundreds of phonetic patterns, including letter sounds, short vowels, consonant blends, and long vowels. 

We do this so your child will have a strong phonics foundation needed to become a confident and skilled reader.

Reading Technique #2:

Instant Sight Word Recognition

In addition to phonics, mastering Sight Word Recognition technique is the key to reading fluently. When children can quickly recognize common words by memory, it makes reading smoother and more fluent. 

They no longer need to spend time sounding out each word phonetically, which allows them to naturally focus more on understanding the text.

By teaching over 200 common sight words and 20 high-frequency phrases, along with dedicated tracing practice, Little Champion Reader equips your child to instantly recognize these sight words, so they can read quickly and effortlessly. 

Reading Technique #3:

Transitioning from Simple Words to Complex Sentences

As your child gains confidence with phonetic patterns and sight word recognition, they slowly transition from reading simple words to unfamiliar text.

Knowing just a handful of words is not enough for true mastery. It's all about practice and repetition, and more repetition—when it comes to handling unfamiliar words. 

This is precisely why, at the end of each lesson, Little Champion Reader prioritizes reading practice.  These resources are designed to provide your child with abundant opportunities to hone their reading skills through continuous practice and engagement.

Your child’s success is my #1 priority...

I can’t wait to hear your child’s success stories!

Enroll now, and you'll gain instant access to the Little Champion Reader 3-in-1 Program ... along with a host of amazing bonuses. 

This means you can get started right away, boosting your child's reading skills within just 4 weeks.!  Don't wait - start today!

To your child's success,  


PS – Remember, teaching your child how to read holds the key to their academic success and future.  Don't just hope for your child to be a strong reader, take action by starting their daily reading lessons now

Take action now & kickstart your child's reading journey today!!

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